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Tax Back Australia
Tax Back for Backpackers, 457 Visa Holders, Students and all other Visa Holders

Flat Fee, nOT Percentage of your Tax Refund


tax backs in 7 Days*

Maximum tax refund guaranteed

Free tax refund estimate

Prepared by CPA Tax Accountants


only $99 for new customers on special offer


Assisted Tax Return Questioner


Claim your Tax Back now!

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The good news is unlike many other companies such as 'etax' or 'elodge' we are NOT a "do-it-yourself" online tax back service. We will do all the hard work for you! Simply fill in our simple assisted online tax back questionnaire and upload your tax documents. We will take care of the rest.

Compare Flat Fee vs Percentage Charges

Top six Australian tax back companies


Fee Structure



$2,500 Refund








Flat Rate










Taxback Australia

Flat rate

$140 $140
$140 $140 $140 $140 $140 $140 $140

Flat rate

$195 $195
$195 $195 $195 $195 $195 $195 $195
Backpackers Buddy


$165 $220 $275 $330 $440 $550 $660 $770 $990


$150 $200 $250 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 $900

9% plus Handling

$135 + Handling

$180 + Handling

$225 + Handling $270 + Handling $360 + Handling $450 + Handling $540 + Handling $630 + Handling $810 + Handling


$99 for new customers on special offer (offer ends soon!**)



Worked in Australia on a visa? Claim your 2017 and any unclaimed tax Back Now!


Assisted Tax Return Questioner

Notes and Terms:

  • Complete our easy questions with the information you have available. We will email you if we need any further information.
  • We charge all new clients a simple low flat fee of $99 on special offer.
  • An additional $24 is also charged if you select 'Fees deducted from refund' option, subject to availability of a refund, plus $44 for transferring your money into an overseas bank account. There is no charge for paying your refund into an Australian bank account.
  • Our flat rate fee excludes complex returns with supplementary sections such as investment property, capital gain and business.

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It only takes a few minutes to complete our short and easy questionnaire.

TickWe Prepare
Exclusively by our team of Chartered Accountants and Registered Tax Agents.

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We are a registered tax agent

*Does not apply to early tax returns and subject to ATO processing


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