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Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Returns

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1 Do I need to lodge a tax return? 1753
2 What happens if I don't lodge my Tax Return on time? 2016
3 Can I check the progress of my tax return online? 2457
4 When can I chose not to keep written evidences? 1637
5 Can I claim dependent spouse tax offset? 1787
6 Explaining the Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset 1530
7 How can claim Zone Tax Offset? 1984
8 My parents stayed with us during their visit to Australia for about three months. Can I claim dependent tax offset in my return? 1572
9 Medical Tax Offset 1736
10 Home office expenses 1632
11 Who can claim Mature Age Worker Tax Offset? 1760
12 Are income protection, sickness and accident insurance premiums full tax deductible? 1769
13 Who can claim "spouse super contribution tax offset"? 1581
14 Can I claim my trip cost around Australia? 1704
15 How much is penalty? 1717
16 What is Negative Gearing? 1619
17 Low income super contribution 1610
18 When Can I access Parental Leave Pay? 1483
19 As a director of a company, am I personally liable for their company's unpaid super guarantee charge? 1580
20 Is rebate available for lifetime health cover loading? 1558
21 What is new Household Assistance Package? 1551
22 What is Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)? 1886
23 What is difference between FEE-HELP, HECS-HELP, OS-HELP and SA-HELP? 2221
24 What is salary packaging? 1636
25 What is "Novated Lease" ? 1681
26 Can I claim long service leave benefits if I am self-employed working in building & construction industry? 1848
27 How can I claim schoolkids bonus? 1854
28 When do I have to pay land tax? 1611
29 Difference between Family Tax Benefit Part A and Part B 2076
30 Perfect structure for my business 1585

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